COVID Updates

COVID Updates


Jayco Sydney is very excited to safely welcome customers back to our retail premises in line with NSW Health guidelines.

We’re still navigating reopening after being closed since June – so we ask that you please be patient and remain respectful with our staff. They are here to assist you, and abusing Jayco Sydney staff is never okay.

Where possible, we ask that you please make an appointment with our sales team, so that a member of our staff can be made available to help you, and so that our site can follow NSW Health guidelines.

We look forward to seeing you at Jayco Sydney soon.

For further information please contact us.

The NSW Government has indicated that the following provisions must be followed to allow us to operate our retail spaces:

• All employees and customers of non-essential retail stores must be fully vaccinated before attending a retail premises. Businesses must perform Proof of Vaccination checks and this will need to be confirmed by a staff member prior to or upon arrival to our premises. Staff are also required to refuse access to our retail site to unvaccinated patrons as per the regulations outlined by the NSW Government. Businesses and Individuals that are unvaccinated and attend a retail premise may receive penalties for breaching the health orders.

• The 1 person per 4m² indoor and 1 person per 2m² outdoor regulation apply to staff and customers and social distancing must be observed.

• Masks are required to be worn as per guidelines.

• NSW Compliance officers will be attending business premises to ascertain compliance not only of the business process and compliance but will also be confirming the vaccination status of all individuals attending a retail premises.

• As of Monday, the 11 of October there are no Stay-at-Home orders or LGAs of concern in NSW. However, if there are any changes during operation, we may be required to reschedule appointments to comply.

• QR Code sign in is mandatory and this must occur prior to entering any retail or repair space.


If you are feeling unwell or displaying COVID symptoms, please do not enter the site and contact staff so that your future needs can be met.

In order for us to provide a safe operational space we ask that you arrive on time for your appointments and no more than 2 individuals (not including children under 12) as numbers on premise are limited.

Service will not be available to take unscheduled service vehicles at the moment please ensure that you contact the Service department to make a booking.

Please find below a guideline for how you can provide your Proof of Vaccination status.